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Spending Transparency

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find definitions of the expenditure expenses shown in the reports?

    Definitions are included on the Comptroller General’s web site. To find a definition, download the
    Expenditure General Ledger Account Definitions (PDF).

  • What do General, Earmarked, Restricted, and Federal mean?

    These terms denote fund type. Fund accounting is used to demonstrate that monies were used in accordance with purposes mandated by the General Assembly, federal government, or other fund sources. For additional information on funds, download the
    Fund Definitions (PDF).

  • Who do I contact for additional information on these expenditures?

    Each agency has information supporting its data included in these reports. For additional information from the agency, contact the agency’s Finance/Accounts Payable Department. Go to the A-Z Agency Listing to find each agency’s contact information.

    The Comptroller General’s Office also has documentation provided by each agency to support data included in the Statewide Accounting and Reporting System. The documentation at the Comptroller General’s Office may not be as detailed as that retained by the agency. You may contact the Comptroller General’s Statewide Accounting Services at 803-734-2588 for additional information on how to request data included in these reports.

  • How long is supporting documentation retained?

    Documentation supporting data included in the reports is maintained for three years in accordance with the South Carolina Department of Archives and History’s General Records Retention Schedule for Financial Records of State Agencies.