Outstanding Check Search


Please read before searching for a check.

The information in this database is provided as a method to locate outstanding checks that have been mailed to recipients. The State of South Carolina considers a checked “Uncashed” and/or “Outstanding” if the check has not been cashed within ninety (90) days. The database consists of outstanding checks that are over two (2) years old. The information in this database is not to be used for commercial purposes.

You may search by using Payee Name (your name/business's name) and/or Agency Name. You must enter at least three (3) characters of the Payee Name and/or Agency Name in the input fields below. Once you locate the check(s) that you should have received, make your selection and view inquiry details. You can inquire about more than one check.

Please note: The only entity that can replace or reissue a check is the original issuing agency.

Please reference the contact details once you have selected the outstanding check(s).

Only one of the two fields below is required to search; entering data into both will narrow your results.

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